What's wrong with Kalidami

Posted by arianto sam Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What's wrong with Kalidami

Kalidami are villages located in the village now and jojoran deer, now the village has a population kalidami dense, today many common 2-story house caused by the growing number of villagers kalidami. Kampung famous first kalidami traditional cinema that much-loved by many young people then, as more films show that smells and mysteries of sexuality. Kalidami cinemas now been closed due to the vcd and dvd player kalidami community-owned. They prefer to rent movies on tape cd and dvd rentals along the road kalidami, with the vcd and dvd player makes the traditional theater audience kalidami quiet and finally concluded with success by the owner of this theater.
Competition and economic level of villages kalidami higher now, this proven by the construction of storey house to house in rent as a boarding house for students and employees around the village kalidami, various facilities and prices offered by some of the villagers offered kalidami in rooming house his rooming house rents kampong kalidami varies, depending on the place and its facilities,
For those of you new students and the surrounding airlangga university can try to bargain kalidami rooming house and jojoran kampong, I guarantee it much cheaper price and suitable for the students. About the need to eat and do laundry in the area of the village concerned kalidami widely available, if you are hungry you can eat and hang out on the highway kalidami there you can find a variety of dishes that you can choose. as well as laundry services are also available at competitive rates.
Kampung kalidami and jojoran now has a good way for some time past has been on the smooth asphalt for road users and surrounding residents kalidami. If you're curious, you can try to come and prove kalidami as I wrote above.

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