kalidami pump house now

Posted by arianto sam Monday, 7 September 2009

kalidami pump house now
Kalidami pump house is now a lot of papaya trees and cassava are planted by residents around the pump house kalidami. This pump house first appears clean, spacious and shady place to visit, not like now a lot of junk and scrap metal unused in the corner kalidami pump house. Each home school children around the house village pump always took time to play marbles or balls to play soccer, even fishing in the river this kalidami pump house. pump house is now rarely visited again by the children because it is impressed shabby, not to mention a lot of household garbage that littered the corner of the house garbage.
Kalidami first pump house is the best place I like to visit, here I could reflect, feel the fresh breath of air, or bring a book from home for me to read here. Now to return home kalidami not pump as much as before, I wanted a beautiful pump house as it used to, clean water is calm, and lots of fish living in streams kalidami pump house.


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