Kalidami Now

Posted by arianto sam Monday, 14 September 2009

Kalidami Now

Kampung kalidami now packed with a growing population increases, many natives kalidami move to another village, this is caused by competition and the economic wheels villagers kalidami rapidly changing, many houses in the village and kalidami in rent to new settlers dikotrakkan who worked near the area kalidami village, most of these boarding houses on rent by college students from the university and the surrounding airlangga.
First in every home must have a tree, which planted in front of residents houses, look beautiful and green fruits appear unsightly if the fruit season has arrived. Me and my childhood friends used to frequently ask for or take the underground to enjoy the ripe fruit which is owned by residents kalidami.
In this village where I kalidami primary school first, my school name is surya son of primary school, this school is a private school owned by the mother of solar, despite the old man he still could lead the school well, even if we go to private schools but we can compete with the existing public school in the village of kalidami complex state primary schools Mojo. Although our schools small and a small number of students we are proud to be in school and educated at this school.
Kalidami village formerly known as the village transport rickshaw, pedicab transportation used to be a prima donna kalidami villagers, now the paddle rickshaw kalidami ward could be calculated because most people already have kalidami cars and even motorcycles, rickshaws oarsmen income currently may not yet reduced the age those who are old does not have the skills rely solely on this pedicab service.

Indefinitely oarsmen this rickshaw survive in the economy progresses, I watch the paddle rickshaw more sleep and sit in his rickshaw each, this may be due to motor vehicles circulating in the community in such a vigorous kalidami. Will be whether these oarsmen pedicab lost time? I do not know I can not predict it.


  1. PeriodSpaces Says:
  2. Nice post go ahead


  3. PeriodSpaces Says:
  4. Nice post go ahead


  5. Aryo Halim Says:
  6. where kalidami is? Kok gak dijelasin kalidami itu dmana ya?

  7. Djarum Black Says:
  8. kayax menarik tuh bro untuk di kunjungi....?


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