Soto Ayam Kalidami River

Posted by arianto sam Sunday, 11 October 2009

Soto Ayam Kalidami River

Flow along the right side of the river kalidami many buildings erected for the shops, telecom shops and restaurants, because first place is the only vacant land cultivated for medicinal or called toga. Because of the growing immigrant population and the land that used to make it look green and fresh forms now turned into building plots berpetak, for business people around. Since the number of business or office along manyar kertoarjo, among others, banks, supermarkets Bonet's famous and some depots that provide a variety of housing needs of the menu manyar kertoarjo.
Return of the existing buildings along the river kalidami, here there is one simple restaurant that sells only one dish is chicken soup lamongan, restaurants lamongan chicken soup has been established since I was a child, I used to eat at this restaurant , by bartering the restaurant owner gave me a bowl of chicken rice soup with a newspaper lamongan Javanese post I sell with around from one place to another.
Lamongan chicken soup taste so good and very good, fits my taste, thick gravy, the chicken is tender and its tempting to make me addicted to come eat at this restaurant.
For those curious to feel what her delicious chicken soup lamongan along this river comes kalidami just passed through kertoarjo menyar road, near supermarket Bonnet very popular in this area. Once you try I guarantee you will come back.

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  1. Aryo Halim Says:
  2. wah soto ayam bikin lapar jadinya, ada tuh tempatku di cilacap enak bgt soto cilacap


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