Kalidami River

Posted by arianto sam Thursday, 3 September 2009

kalidami river is a very important river for the villagers kalidami, jojoran and surrounding areas, due to the existence of this kalidami river kalidami villagers and the surrounding water can drain household waste to be channeled back into the sea. kalidami first river has a bright color and clean because of the nature and population of around kalidami only waste her domestic water to the river, but now many people have no kalidami migrants awareness of nature, they also throw garbage in the river making the river kalidami until kalidami now seems murky, more trash and unsightly. current to flow the waste until the city government has built a pump house that served to transport and drain water more quickly when the rain comes will not flood.
This pump house founded 27 years ago, about the year 1982 earlier. guarded by honorary workers who had long worked at this pump house, say he is a keeper woyok pump house pump house since it was built, every rain comes even started overcast clouds both day and night work woyok and his friends must yoitu tono ready, blaming and take the garbage that clog the pump house machine.

as an honorary life force of the pump house, should be readily available dikala rainy season, the middle of the night had to be ready and there is a pump house, I as residents watched jojoran pump house is not beautiful now and always beautiful. today many of you former mounds of earth thrown kalidami river side of the pump house, to turn into a full mound of dirt mixed with household waste. guardrail is porous and many simply left. at night the car parking area residents who live in jojoran.

I am a regular person, suggested that the city government can appoint honorary staff to become Civil Servant aka civil servants with benefits equal to his work.


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