Night time Kalidami

Posted by arianto sam Saturday, 12 September 2009

Night time Kalidami

Night in the village kalidami never lonely because there many people who sell a wide range of food and clothing on highway kalidami. Businesses in villages stretching kalidami seen at night, because at night many people around kalidami or kalidami own residents out to find food and other needs. Various businesses in the village kalidami mostly dominated by the mini market shop and Indomaret Alfamart who stood side by side. I am surprised by these two mini markets, although standing next to each other but its still the same buyer in balance with each other.
Perhaps buyers already know the advantages and disadvantages to buying demand in these two mini markets. Both mini market stands approximately 6 years ago, the former occupying a small house and built to be mini market. Lots of people around who buy the mini market needs this because it is cheap and goods accountability, as opposed to buying grocery ditoko needs a little different to the mini market price is.
With two mini markets can be a good choice for kalidami villagers, but for grocery stores that provide the need that is not too much further reduction in the number of their buyers.
The existence of means of transport such as transportation home for rickshaw increase their ease of community residents aged kalidami old to be buying needs.
At night a lot of traders can be called seasonal or night market, because most sellers are out of the village residents who sell goods kalidami with lid system because their goods can be moved is not settled.

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