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Dhaniswara is one school that had long stood in the village kalidami, this school stands of about 1980 years before I was born there could have been. from some residents and the surrounding villages kalidami call kalidami school dantusil called, for some reason this school known as dantusil, you probably know yourself dantusil is one brand of cough medicine before the most famous of television advertisements that increasingly rampant.

Dhaniswara schools are kalidami along the highway, right in front of the mini market and Alfamart Indomaret. Dhaniswara school has two floors, right and left flanked by houses.

Levels of education in schools is dhaniswara secondary schools, public high schools and vocational high schools. In the past this school is one of the favorite kalidami villagers to send their children here, in addition to school fees cheaper, too much pride to the school in dhaniswara. But now people who want to send their children to gradually decrease, caused by many public school establishment that has advantages and future for their students. School dhaniswara now an option for most of the residents and the surrounding kalidami have less income or middle-down.

Dhaniswara school popularity growing every year decline is due to the number of students increased slightly and the number of students who misbehave are often very disturbing people around, like to sit along the highway at kalidami classes, drinking and other hard drinks other cause they are lazy and are reluctant to send their children at this school. Perhaps due to the level of order and obedience to the lack of students.

At night dhaniswara school buildings used for Japanese language courses "yasmin" for the students and the public who want to learn and know about Japan. For those of you who want to work in Japan was not wrong to take Japanese language courses here.


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  4. makasih infonya, smoga tambah wawasan tentang pendidikan


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